Wade Driver Performs “The Big Electron”

Wade Driver picked an interesting cover: it’s a song that only existed as an autotune mashup on YouTube. But Wade thought the lyrics and message, created by splicing together material from Bill Hicks and George Carlin, was worth turning into a song that could be played on guitar. So here it is: The Big Electron.

(In the episode, I refer to the creator of the original autotune piece as “anonymous”. Well, he’s not. His name is John D. Boswell and he produces music under the name melodysheep. There’s a link down below to more info.)

Wade is a busy guy. His band Apogee Sound Club plays regularly around the Bay Area, he spearheads the concept/label USE (Underground Sonic Energy/Unlimited Self Expression) through which he’s released one compilation cassette and has plans for more, and last but not least, he hosts The Show at the End of the World podcast.


Links for this episode:

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The Big Electron


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