Jessica Tung Performs “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam

Jessica Tung brought her brand new guitar and played us the first song she ever learned on guitar. Originally written and recorded by Wayne Cochran in 1961, Pearl Jam recorded it for a benefit album in 1999, which is where Jessica (and a lot of other people heard it for the first time). It’s a great song, and Jessica does a great version of it.

(There are links in the Original Artist & Links box to both the Pearl Jam and Wayne Cochran versions. You should listen to the Wayne Cochran version at least once.)

Shawna Seth Sings “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You” by the Beatles

AAAAAAAAnd we are back! Gosh it’s only been a year. I’m delighted that our first guest after the hiatus is Shawna Seth, a friend of many years and someone I worked with at Mule Design Studio. She’s trained as a dancer her whole life, but every once in while, she likes to sing a song. And she picked a great one. There’s not much to write about the Beatles that hasn’t been said, but I do really love their earlier stuff. I think Shawna did it justice.