Music Is a Powerful Thing

I encourage you to watch the video, but here’s the short pitch.

It Might Get Personal is a venue for ordinary folks — folks who might never sing in public — to share their favorite music. It’s a chance for people to step outside their comfort zone and try something they’ve maybe thought about but never had a chance to do. It’s about fandom, and love of music, and sharing that love with everyone. Maybe the guests will even go home and sing for their spouse, parents, or kids.

More About the Show

We record our episodes in a professional recording studio with a professional audio engineer. We want this to be a great recording of a noteworthy moment in the guest’s life.

Most of the covers are pretty simple arrangements. It’s one of my favorite parts of the show. Doing a song by yourself, or even with one other person, adds a great constraint and can really focus you on what’s most important about the song.

We’ve shot with a number of different cameras, and right now our preference is a Canon T3i with a 16–35 lens and some pretty simple lighting.

We’re on Facebook and Twitter (@itmtgtpersonal).